Basic Unix Command for Oracle DBA

In this video you will understand the use of unix command for daily dba life. you will find this command useful while while working on dba environment. 1. To Cleanup trace files... Read more »

Swichover in oracle Datagurd

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Import XSLX/CSV File To PostgreSQL database

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How to create Non-Container Database using DBCA-Oracle 12C Administration

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Ticketing Tools and ITIL Process

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Hadoop Training Syllabus

During the class you will go through the following hadoop contents. Linux (Ubuntu/Centos) – Tips and Tricks Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop Hadoop ecosystem concepts Hadoop MapReduce concepts and features Hive... Read more »

Querying on CSV file using Spark SQL

Apache Spark SQL is a Spark module to simplify working with structured data using DataFrame and DataSet abstractions in Python, Java, and Scala. These abstractions are the distributed collection of data organized... Read more »