Difference between var and val in spark- Interview question

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Lazy Evaluation in Apache Spark

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Difference between Coalesce and Repartition- Hadoop Interview question

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How to create RDD in spark – Interview question

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Hive partition with example – Interview Question

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Sqoop import – Part 1- Hadoop series

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Read CSV and JSON file format in spark 2.0

Read CSV with spark 2.0 STEP 1. Open the spark-shell and fire the following command. scala> spark.read.format(“csv”).option(“header”,”true”).load(“F:/Hadoop Youtube/customer.csv”) STEP 2. Display the result with show command scala> .show +—–+——+———–+——-+———-+—-+——+ |empno| ename|designation|manager| hire_date|... Read more »

Default Number of mapper and reducer in SQOOP job

Updated: Dec 12, 2018 #hadoop #sqoop #defaultmapper #defaultreducer #hadoopinterviewquestion In this post we are going to focus the default number of mappers and reducers in the sqoop. scope is the part of Hadoop... Read more »

Big data and Hadoop difference

This article gives the difference between hadoop and big data. I personally found many students have confusion between hadoop and big data. Actually both are different entity. In one sentense I would... Read more »

Switch your career from Oracle DBA to Hadoop Bigdata

I have seen a many people those who want to switch their career from the Oracle DBA to the Hadoop but they are not sure how to start and from where to... Read more »